ICET Model Papers 2019 Exam Key


1. ICT is used as a _______ that supplements
traditional teaching and learning of science and mathematics. (tool)

2. The menu command used for hiding the axes is
_________ (Axes)

3. The bisector of an angle can be constructed
using _______ tool three times in succession. (Angle Bisector)

4. Constructed objects and graphs of functions are
shown in the __________ View. (Graphics)

5. __________ is a virtual version of something in
real world. (Modelling)

Q2. State whether the following statements are True or False:  5 Marks

1. ICT is the new technology for communication.

2. International network of networks is called the
browser. (False)

3. E – commerce stands for electronic commerce.

4. ATM stands for Any Time Money. (False)

5. ICT tools do not help students to manipulate
diagrams dynamically. (False)

Q3. Multiple choice questions : 6 Marks

1. ICT stands for __________

a. Information and Communication

b. Information and Computer technology

c. Interaction and Compile Techniques

d. Information Creation Technology.

2. The ____________ is the Information Highway.

a. Information technology

b. Data

c. Information gathering

d. Internet.

3. A computer modelling is the representation of
_________ dimensional objects on computer.

a. one

b. two

c. three

d. four

4. Simulation creates a/an ________________ model
of a system.

a. artificial

b. natural

c. map

d. data

5. Unicode is also known as ___________

a. universal font

b. UFT – 8

c. UTF – 8

d. Uni – 8

Q4. Multiple choice questions : 

Attempt any two of the
following: 4 Marks

1. Integral parts of a forum are _______ and _______

a. administrative section

b. teacher

c. user group

d. post

2. Types of VoIP are ________
and _________

a. VoIP adapters

b. Broadband

C. Computer to Internet

d. VoIP phones.

3. 21st century has created a new
global economy which is powered by _________
fuelled by _________ and driven by knowledge.

a. information

b. learning

c. simulation

d. technology

4. A computer model
refers to the
________ and _________ used to capture the behaviour of a system
being modelled.

a. algorithm

b. equations

c. program

d. summation

5. Every object
in GeoGebra has
_________ and ______ representation.

a. algebraic

b. text

c. geometric

d. spreadsheet

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